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Since 2011 AtelierCarlottaSadino creates unique and timeless headpieces, blending craftsmanship and design, tradition and experimentation.

The brand supports "Made in Italy", favouring the creation of entirely handmade products, where artisan expertise is a guarantee of authenticity.

Every AtelierCarlottaSadino headpiece is fully made by Carlotta Sadino. The act of creation is the most important and inspiring part of her work, she never knows how the design will be exactly till the end of it. The italian designer likes working with fabrics as if they were some kind of modelling clay, to create sophisticated and versatile volumes.

Her creations are intended for use and not for consumption, people who’ve been wearing her hats say they have a soul...




Carlotta Sadino was born in Milan in 1985. Coming from an artistic background, she studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, before she moved to London to reach her goal of landing new experiences in the fashion scene. 
For two years she lived and worked in the east part of the city, the heart of creativity  and culture.  

After this venture she moved back to Milan ready  to run her own label.

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