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Gentle and playful. This is the soul of Yuu Hat.

A tribute to rigorous, quiet and refined femininity. This Headpiece is based on the use of high quality textiles, all exclusively “made in Italy”, combined with sophisticated and iconic shapes. The bow can be worn back to front.

Made entirely by hand and conceived as a One-Off Design.

Yuu Hat

  • Hat

    50% Cotton / Cotone / Coton / Baumwolle

    50% Raffia / Rafia / Raphia / Bast



    100% Real Leather / Vera Pelle / Cuir Véritable / Echtes Leder

  • If you wish to customise your headpiece with a bespoke size, a different fabric and a special design (alterations based on this style), please contact us at to discuss your requirements. 

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